Mercury is a rocky planet has no atmosphere. It is the planet closest to sun and the smallest. Its diameter is 4,879 km, a similar size diameter of the moon. It may be that long ago would have been a natural satellite of Venus.

If Mercury before had been a satellite of Venus¿as it has become a planet? My theories:

1:can be super gravity of the sun was attracting mercury slowly and then attract both Mercury became a planet.

2: Another theory could be that an asteroid the size of Mars slammed into Mercury pushed him and the sun’s gravity pulled him and became a planet.

how much long survive on Mercury?

The temperature is very high in some areas that you burn and very low in other areas you freezing you.addition to Mercury as there is no oxygen atmosphere so no we would breathe and how people hold a maximum2 minutes without breathing that’s how long you’d survive on Mercury.

View the Sun from Mercury.

Since Mercury’d see the sun three times greater than from Earth. Why? Because the distance between Mercury and the Sun is 58,000,000 km and the distance between the Sun and the Earth is 149 million km (nearly 3 times) so you could better study the sun.

On Mercury seems that by the year It resizes the sun because Mercury’s orbit is an oval then sometimes the sun looks larger or smaller.

Mercury observation:

If we see Mercury from Earth, Mercury not far from 28 degrees from the central star of our system (the Sun). Com is so close,is difficult see Mercury. The best time to see Mercury is looking the brightest star one hour before sunrise or an hour after sunset.

Other dataMercury

AsMercury is so small and no atmosphere, comets and meteorites fall and form craters (holes in the planet’s surface). Many craters on Mercury are named after famous writers and artists.

Craters names:

Vieira de silva











temperature mercury

Mercury temperature is -170 by darkness as sunlight does not shine out there and there is no nearby star to be very far from the center Milky way. Points in the area where the sun the temperature is 400 ° C Mercury. Underground temperature is 75 ° C.

A day on Mercury takes 59 Earth days one year takes 88 Earth days.

Above the planet or star is the Sun and Venus back.

Why Mercury name?

Mercury in Roman mythology means messenger of the gods, which was traveling very fast. As Mercury is the planet revolves around the sun faster, you will nicknamed Mercury.

Chemical mercury

potassium: 31.7%

Sodium 24.9%

atomic oxygen: 9.5%



molecular oxygen:5.6%


carbon dioxide: 3.6%

water: 3.4%

hydrogen 3.2%

42% of Mercury is the core.

The crust is 100 to 200 m.

The mantle is 600 m.




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